Nazcheb steel manufacturing plc. Is one of the companies among other company those engaged in steel manufacturing has established in 2008 G.C with Ethiopian and Chinese owners  to produce reinforcement bar for construction purpose. After three years the company share transferred totally by Ethiopian owners Ato Henok Abebe and W/ro Senaiet Geremew.

The company leading by the General Manager who is Ato Henok Abebe. His qualification is BSC in computer science.  

Our company was established according to the Ethiopian government investment policy oriented on market economy. Other than this the country’s 5 years growth and transformation plan play an important role and also creates fertile and suitable condition for those who want to use this opportunity.

The company aim is not only about earning or creating capital rather focuses on to create job opportunity for those who seek job.That is why our company uses labor intensive productivity because of this even it is small scale size industry quite a significant number of employees hired and run their lives.   

Therefore even though since the establishment the activities carried out by the company are plenty, and has rich experience, potential we would like to explain some sort of profile here under.   

Vision of the company

Our company vision is tending to produce its reinforcement bar and other steel product on the basis of automation technology and finally take the position of leading in the steel market. 

Mission of the company

  • Provide steel product that uses for construction industry
  • Provide different type of product which uses for other industries those who want our steel product especially to substitute the importing component like counterweight for tractors etc.